• Electric or Acoustic Guitar?

    Students should consider the music they listen to when deciding whether to buy an acoustic or electric guitar.

  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Groove

    These days, I visualize the word “GROOVE” as a collection of 3-dimensional stone carvings.

  • The Value of “In Person” Music Lessons

    One can’t replicate the relationship you form, playing together in person, and the opportunities that come from private lessons.

  • Find Your Teacher

    There is no substitute for the genuine connection that occurs between an enthusiastic student and a confident, qualified teacher.

  • Useful Apps for Music Lessons

    These apps will help you exercise the basic elements of music, and have you more prepared for your next lesson.

  • Coming To Your Lesson Prepared

    It is extremely important to come to your music lessons prepared. But whyyy, you ask, dreading the scolding that typically comes from teachers or bosses. Fear not! Below are some reasons/helpful suggestions that will make your lesson experience even MORE fun.

  • Making It Here (by Tony Lee)

    …take the time to prepare yourself to be successful.

  • How To Develop A Positive Practice Cycle

    Stay sharp, stay focused, and take advantage of those small moments. They may be the only thing standing in the way of your becoming the musician you want to be.

  • Play with a Group

    Being part of a group will help you develop team work, forge lifelong friendships, and give you the accountability that all musicians need.

  • Create a Practice Routine and Schedule It

    So, let’s go ahead and agree that practicing is the equivalent of dental hygiene for your musical skills.