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Illia Dia

Illia has been singing since she could talk. Her first ever performance was at 4 years old, and she never stopped after that. She took private voice lessons, and began singing in the choir in elementary school, then kept up with choir all the way through middle and high school, and always made sure to keep her skills sharp with competitions and audition choirs.

At 7 years old, she began her journey in theatre at the Kershaw County Fine Arts Center, and participated in a show every year through elementary and middle school. She left FAC to continue theatre at Ridge View High School until she graduated in 2017.

Illia also has experience playing instruments, beginning upright bass in the 6th grade, and also translating her skills onto the bass guitar. She self-taught the ukulele, and soon after learned to play acoustic guitar. Illia is thrilled to bring the breadth of her knowledge as a multi-instrumentalist, performer and singer/songwriter to her students!

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