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Jon Coxe

Jon has been playing guitar since he was 16 years old. His major influences are the Beatles, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, the Allman Brothers, Nirvana, and honestly too many more to mention. Jon has a love for music that is as diverse as he is.  Jon is passionate about teaching his students through material they enjoy, whatever their genre preference. Jon was self taught initially, but quickly learned the value of a good teacher.  One of the main reasons Jon got into teaching, was because of how important that level of instruction was to his growth and success.

Jon was fortunate enough to have the privilege of studying under the late Robert Newton.  Newton was an enormous influence on the Columbia music scene, and personally taught many of Columbia’s most gifted guitar teachers and musicians. Jon also studied under Freeway Music owners, Don Russo and Drew Medlin, also students of Newton.

Both have taught Jon a lot about what it means to be a good musician and a good teacher. Jon currently plays in Dr. Roundhouse, the band he founded 7 years ago with his bandmates.  They have had a lot of fun reaching various milestones in the Columbia music scene.
One unique experience Jon credits with making him a good teacher is that he spent over 8 years working under a gifted elementary school teacher, as an instructional assistant, in a special needs classroom. This experience gave him not only the tools to help others succeed, but also the ability to explain the material in ways that every student can understand. From students with a casual interest, to those with an outright guitar obsession, Jon looks forward to helping his students reach their goals and find the fulfillment that music has given him.

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