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Maggie McGhee

Life has been filled with music from day one for me. From piano to voice to french horn to the melodica, there is never a silent moment! My musical journey began when I was 2 years old with a violin, and has persisted as a driving passion ever since. I like to think of myself as a constant learner, always attempting to hone my skills and add new instruments to my list of proficiencies.

I was classically trained on the piano, starting at the age of 5, and listed it as my primary instrument for the first half of my undergraduate degree. I have participated in piano showcases, competitions, master classes, and have also accompanied soloists and choirs. I have been singing for nearly as long in various capacities. My voice experience includes a large amount of choir participation, since elementary school all the way through the top choir at Texas Woman’s University, as well as studying it as my primary instrument for the second half of my undergraduate degree. I am classically trained, but have also been to several open mic nights. On top of my history with these primary instruments, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Music Therapy and Occupational Therapy with a minor in Psychology.

I view each student as an unlimited possibility. The fundamentals and technique will come; it is my job to cultivate the passion that makes practice worthwhile. I also enjoy helping students share their gifts with the world. Through various performance opportunities and helping them discover the message they have to communicate through their music, I will cultivate this perspective in my students.