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Rebecca Ewing

Rebecca was able to start taking piano lessons at age 9 after her father finally gave in to her pleading. Music then became her obsession and identity as she became her church’s pianist, won various musical awards and competitions, wrote and directed musicals in high school, and arranged music for a variety of instruments. It was only natural for Rebecca to decide to attend college to obtain her degree in Music Education, Piano Proficiency. There, she learned choral conducting, vocal technique, advanced music theory, and musical arranging and improvisation. Rebecca studied under a world renown classical pianist and mastered pieces both Christian and Classical, including those by Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, and Rachmaninoff.

Since graduating, Rebecca has enjoyed teaching students aged five to fifty-five in piano, voice, and music theory. While sharing her knowledge of classical technique, Rebecca loves to tailor her teaching to reach the imagination of her students.