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Seth Blu’ Boone

My musical journey began the day my family brought me home in 1993. You could often find me in my crib being serenaded not by my mother’s voice, but by classic rock albums such as Rush’s “2112” and Led Zeppelin’s “IV”. This continued into my adolescence, where at the age of 9, I recieved my first drum set. From there the stage was set for my introduction into the local music scene.

Heavily influenced by the likes of Iron Maiden’s Nicko Mcbrain and Dream Theater’s Mike Portnoy, I began to perform constantly by the age of 14. The local Columbia act’s i’ve performed with (Invader, End Of Avalon, Osara) allowed my thirst for musical knowledge to flourish and in the winter of 2013, I had landed my first official touring gig. Along with many other Columbia musicians, I participated in the “Get Born Again 2014 National Tour” with “GRIND: An Alice In Chains Tribute”. From St. Louis to El Paso, we provided the only authentic nationally touring tribute to one of my favorite bands.

I’ve recently worked with multiplatinum producer Rick Beato (Shinedown, Crossfade, NeedtoBreathe) on the 2015 debut self titled EP of the local group “Osara”. While maintaning a busy performance schedule, I’ve found solace in taking lessons, as well as teaching at Freeway Music. I emphasize allowing my students to choose their own path, and equiping them with the tools they need to help them along the way. Stay true, stay encouraged, and stay inspired.