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Sophie Gerace

Hi, my name is Sophie Gerace! I have probably been singing since I could talk. I started taking voice lessons when I was 6 years old and have many cute albeit embarrassing videos to prove it. My love of singing continued into many years of choral experience throughout school, with honors, state, and district-level ensembles. In my youth, I was classically trained and participated in musical theatre.

During my college years, I continued my experience by performing at weddings, local events, and church. My vocal style developed to be more contemporary as I began to explore other styles of music. Currently, I sing and lead music at my church. This has become my passion and where I enjoy singing the most. Recently, I have been loving writing my own songs, a skill that has allowed me to enjoy music so much more. When I am not at Freeway Music, I work at an elementary school, where I teach computer skills.

I also enjoy hanging out with my friends, recreational sports, fashion, the outdoors, and playing piano when I have free time. I love to incorporate songs and music students want to sing and listen to, helping them reach their own goals in whatever way I can! I enjoy making music and singing so much and want to share my passion with others.

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