• National Watermelon Day

    Herbie Retrospective On May 28th, 1962, the day Herbie Hancock released his debut album, featuring the track ‘Watermelon Man’–the music world, and watermelons, were changed forever. Considered a hard bop jazz standard, it has been covered over two hundred times, sampled by LL Cool J, and even remixed by Herbie himself (we’ll get to that […]

  • Uncommon Instrument Day

    by Pedro LopezDeVictoria In honor of Uncommon Instrument Day, we’d like to take you through a quick tour of some of the strangest, most beautiful instruments one might come across. Note: Freeway Music is willing to offer you lessons on any of these (though we might have to find them first!) Theramin The king of […]

  • Keon Masters Goes Solo Releases First Single

    Listen to the new single “Feel Nuthin” from Keon Masters On the 2018 SceneSC Sampler Brave Baby drummer Wolfgang Zimmerman released his first solo track along with primary singer and guitarist Keon Masters. It marked a sort of hiatus for the band, and the start of new for both of the bands key songwriters. Entering […]

  • Delay Pedals

    by Pedro Lopez De Victoria Delay–whether you are intimately familiar with it or just curious, it’s hard to get too far as a musician without hearing about this, the king of instrument effects. From Tape, to Analogue, to Digital, the history of delay is closely tied to the evolving sound of guitar-driven music. If you’re […]

  • Sing Out Day

    Would you be surprised if I told you that tone-deafness is a myth? According to this highly wonderful Ted Talk from famed conductor Benjamin Zander, if you were tone deaf, you wouldn’t be able to change gears in a stick shift car, tell the difference between someone from Texas and Rome, or know who was […]

  • New Album Out from Cayla Fralick

    Listen Cayla Fralick celebrated the release of her new album last weekend with shows with Stagbriar and Grace Joyner in both Charleston and Columbia. Anyway, Here is her true solo debut, featuring ten songs produced by Eric McCoy of Archer Avenue Studio here in Columbia. SceneSC’s covered Fralick since she was in high school here […]

  • Mothers That Rock!

    by Pedro Lopez De Victoria Motherhood is an art unto itself–to create life, cultivate it with love, and remember which Capri Sun flavor is preferred, can, in some ways, be seen as an endeavor of superhuman proportions. While we honor all mothers today, it wouldn’t be Freeway if we didn’t throw a spotlight on the […]

  • Sims Customer Appreciation Day

    Live Music from some of Columbia’s finest! A very special uke jam (open to all)! World Famous Skinner’s BarBQ Huge Sales Free Restrings (min. 6 canned goods donation, 1 per customer) GiveawaysRaffles for Charity Much, Much More!

  • Myths and Facts Behind Playing the Bass Guitar

    by Jennifer Hughes Bass players always seem to be in the background, except for a very few that take the stage front and center. This is why many bass players seem so mysterious, and why some myths abound about them and bass playing in general. Some bassists may have even believed these myths themselves before […]

  • Encourage Your Kids to Play

    The Problem Recently we had a parent let us know that they wanted to cease lessons for their child’s music lessons. When asked why, they said, “He does not practice enough. I tell him to practice all the time, and he just won’t do it. I feel like I am wasting money and time, and […]