• The Next Decade in Music

    There have been quite a few nostalgia driven articles over the last few months looking back at the 10’s and the many changes in the music industry we’ve encountered. People like to argue about what is better or worse, but that’s an old man’s game when it comes to music. Change and evolution is always […]

  • Top 5 Songs About Gratitude

    Thanksgiving is a time for thanks… giving. What better time is there to reflect on the best songs on the topic of giving thanks, (that we are, in return, very thankful for!), than this? Here is our list of the top five best songs about gratitude. You better be grateful! 5. A Moment Like This […]

  • Cake Day

    In case you didn’t know, November 26th is Cake Day, and while they might be referring to the confectionary treat, we think it’s a great opportunity to celebrate one of the most unique and unmistakably groovy bands in alt-rock history: Cake. Born in Sacramento, CA, Cake is known for their eclectic genre-bending music, ranging from […]

  • 3 Bands Who’ve Played Freeway Music Fest Celebrate New Music

    If you’ve attended the last few Freeway Music Festivals you’ve had the opportunity to catch Levvy, Real Work, and The Lovely Few. In addition to those performances, the chief songwriter of each project has played at our songwriter night at The White Mule. Friday night, November 15th these bands will come together at New Brookland […]

  • New Columbia Group Mids Releases New EP

    Featuring members of Dear Blanca, ET Anderson, and Niecy Blues, Mids meshes characteristics of each band, affording them the chance to expand past the confines of each of those acts stylistically. The band performed earlier this year at Freeway Music Fest on the Free Times stage as Core Sample. Stream the new EP from Mids […]

  • Thanks-Giving Showcase

  • 5 Ways to Help You Find the Right Gift for a Musician

    Chances are if you are reading this blog you have a loved one that is a musician, music student, or music lover. Also, chances are, you may not have the slightest clue about what to buy them. So, Let’s dive in and give you some helpful hints to find the perfect gift for that musician […]

  • The 5 Best 80’s Halloween Songs

    There’s one time a year when it’s okay for anyone to be creepy–in fact, it’s encouraged! Not only does Halloween bring out the spookiness in your friends and family, but some of your favorite artists also indulge as well. While these songs might not fly in June, there’s something about these songs that chill your […]

  • Jordan Igoe Releases New Album Sober and Sorry

    Stream Jordan Igoe’s New EP Sober and Sorry Since relocating to Columbia, SC from her hometown of Charleston earlier this year, Jordan Igoe’s more than picked up where she left off. With her last full length album coming out in 2014, Igoe’s spent the last six years writing plenty of songs, but not releasing them […]

  • New Music: The Restoration Release West

    Listen to The Restorations New Album West out October 25 In May Daniel Machado, frontman of The Restoration, performed out our Freeway Music/SceneSC songwriters in the round at The White Mule performing four new songs from their upcoming album. On Friday, October 25 their new album West, comes out. The Restoration is known for concept […]