• Jump Little Children Return to Music Farm Columbia

    When: October 21, 2017 Where: Music Farm Columbia What About It: Jump Little Children return to Music Farm Columbia October 21 after reuniting after ten years in late 2015. With: She Returns from War and Stop Light Observations After a ten-year hiatus Jump Little Children reunited in late 2015 for a string of dates that sold out in […]

  • Marcus King Starts Homegrown Festival

    Facebook Event When I talked with Marcus King a couple of weeks ago about his inaugural Family Reunion Festival he was in England with the band about to perform at a festival there. If you search through Youtube videos of King you’ll see a wide variety of videos of the guitarist and frontman performing in […]

  • Can We Just Quit Life and Join the Band?

    By Reba Hull Campbell The place was hopping when we peeked out from the stage door. The mosh pit was packed with anxious fans waiting for the performers to take the stage. People in the audience were milling around with anticipation. Their necks craned for a quick glimpse of the performers entering the venue. The […]

  • The Artisanals Play New Brookland Tavern Saturday

    Country Roads Town by The Artisanals On The Artisanals latest single “Country Roads Town”, Johnny Delaware is as reflective as ever, looking back on his midwestern upbringing in South Dakota. It’s a song he never could have written without the journey that’s taken him across America, from South Dakota, to Austin, Texas, and now to […]

  • 5 Reasons Why Adults Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Learn an Instrument

    by Amanda Pollak When I was 14 years old I bought an anthology of Led Zeppelin’s greatest hits, a pair of Birkenstocks and an acoustic guitar. Somehow my mom agreed to guitar lessons, and thus I decided that I Would Not Be Going to College since that was for straight-edge losers and I was clearly […]

  • Keep Moving Forward, Part 3

    by Amanda Pollak There is a difference between a musician and someone who plays an instrument. A musician makes it look easy. A musician becomes his instrument; you hear his soul bleed through the notes. You know her without ever having met her. Everyone else is just making noise. I have watched drummers play and […]

  • What can I do to help out in the local music scene?

    What can I do to help out in the local music scene? A friend on Facebook posted this status earlier this week and it got me thinking, what’s the best answer for this? So I responded by saying “Encourage people to create. Be present and supportive. Share the local music you really enjoy.”  That’s a […]

  • Two Fall Festivals To Put on the Calendar

    Both Fall for Greenville and Jam Room Music Festival are FREE It might have felt like we skipped winter in 2016 into 2017, but it feels like fall arrived early…but I hesitate to speak too soon knowing the unpredictable weather here in South Carolina. While summer is host to tons of huge national festivals like […]

  • Keep Moving Forward, part 2

    by Amanda Pollak The gig is over. I feel like I arrived a preschooler and left a high school graduate. All of the experiences I’ve had paved the way for this experience, but nothing could have truly prepared me.   Above are a few of the thoughts I scribbled down as soon as I returned […]

  • Archer Avenue Triple Release

    Event Page As summer quickly slides by, Archer Avenue Studio will showcase three projects the recording studio recorded earlier in the year with Yosef, Badweather, and Dead Swells all releasing new records. Rejectioneers, who only come out and play on special occasions, round out the four band bill. Each of the three records showcase the […]