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Why is Freeway Music Your Best Choice for Voice Lessons in Columbia, SC?

If you’re here doing research on which music school in Columbia, SC might be the best fit for you or your child, you probably know that you’ve got several choices for private voice lessons. Whether you’re motivated to take voice lessons because you want to sing the songs you hear on the radio, perform better in your band, or you’re an adult that always wanted to sing better, but never had the support or opportunity — Freeway Music will get you where you want to be as a singer and as a musician. Our voice instructors are the best in Columbia, SC. Here are some reasons why:

Best-of-the-Best Instructors

Freeway Music has — hands-down, bar-none — the best instructors in Columbia, SC. We have confidence in that statement, because we set and maintain a high bar for anyone who wants to teach here, looking for a passionate pursuit of continued musical growth, and a love for sharing their knowledge with others.

Our Teachers Never Stop Learning

Freeway Music instructors are already highly qualified before they start, but continuing education is also a vital part of being an instructor at Freeway. Our instructors don’t stop learning just because they’re teaching.

Our Teachers are A Part of the Community

All of our voice instructors are respected members of the local music scene. Many of our voice teachers sing in popular local and regional bands. Some of our teachers hold degrees in music from respected universities. We have the hardest working staff in town, tirelessly performing and supporting the music scene in Columbia, SC.

Our Teachers Create a Personal Connection

You’re sure to have a pleasant experience with any of our voice instructors. Our instructors are genuinely concerned with the growth of each student and strive to connect to their students through empathy, all in a way that most effectively meets the needs of each student’s learning style.

A Diverse Group of Voice Instructors That Can Meet the Needs of Any Student

Whether you want to be an opera singer, first soprano in your choir, or front a rock band, we have a team of voice instructors that can help you reach your goal.

We Have A Teacher for Every Level

Are you a total beginner who doesn’t know where to start? A seasoned singer, performing regularly with a touring band, who wants to go deeper into your vocal ability? Freeway Music takes beginner students all the way to advanced voice students. No matter where you are in your musical journey, we have an instructor to match your needs. Our voice instructors are well-respected members of the Columbia music scene, and often teach or have taught other voice instructors in town. You can start at any level and not have to worry about outgrowing your instructor.

We Have A Teacher for Every Style

We offer voice lessons for rock, country, blues, jazz, and just about any other style you can think of. Some of our teachers have degrees in jazz studies and some of them sing in rock groups. An integral part of the Freeway Music ethos is to allow students to be grow in the direction they want. Our diverse team of teachers ensures you can achieve your playing goals — whether you want to croon, growl, or belt some show tunes.

We Have A Teacher for Every Age

We teach voice lessons to all ages. From 5-95, we have teachers that are well-equipped to teach any age. So, whether you are looking to sign up a child, or you realized it’s never too late in life to start a new hobby, we are a perfect fit for you.

Performance Opportunities

Public performance has so many benefits for a student, that we’ve made it a foundational element at Freeway Music. Through public performance, students learn:

  • confidence that carries over into every other life activity;
  • empathy through shared group experience; and
  • how to interact with peers as part of a larger community while staying true to themselves individually.

At Freeway Music, we pride ourselves on offering our students more performance opportunities than any other music school in Columbia, SC. From fairly casual open mics and jams, to more formally-structured recitals and concerts, there are almost constant performance opportunities for students of every skill level.

Student Showcases and Recitals

We often pair our voice students with one another to form groups that rehearse and perform in showcases and recitals.  Some of the venues include:

You can watch clips from our showcases and recitals on our YouTube channel.

Open Mics and Open Jams

Students don’t have to wait until showcases or recitals for playing experience. They can attend one of the many open mics and jams that Freeway Music hosts throughout the city.

We post all of our events here on our website to make it easy for students to keep up with what is going on.

Events and Concerts

Beyond the numerous showcases; recitals; and open mic opportunities, our students have exclusive access to many events and concerts. Some recent events include:

The Use of Technology in Voice Lessons:

A major part of your lessons with our voice instructors includes incorporating apps and technology — seamlessly and creatively — into your learning.

How Our Teachers Use Apps

Apps allow the instructor to enhance and accelerate the student’s understanding of most of the fundamental elements of music, including:

  • rhythm;
  • sight reading;
  • tuning;
  • ear training;
  • practicing; and more.
Our Lesson Rooms are Well-Equipped

All of our lesson rooms have speakers for playing music, beats, and backing tracks.

Each instructor has a laptop, tablet, or other device to enhance the voice lessons.

We Invest Regularly in Educational Blog Posts and Online Resources

Owners, staff members, and friends of Freeway Music have published a wide variety of articles on our blog that are a great resource for voice students to educate themselves on various music-related topics. Our instructors make judicious use of online resources and tools to create the best possible lesson experience — for instance, using collaborative tools like Google Sheets to create practice schedules and share a student’s progress with parents.

Community Involvement

Freeway Music believes wholeheartedly that we have a responsibility to invest in our community through our own efforts, and by partnering with local charities who help make our community better every day. And of course, being a music school, you’ll find us actively support the local music scene in Columbia, SC through playing at and attending local shows. We’re proud of the work we’ve done to support local charities and venues in our city. A few of the charities we’ve partnered with in the past include: The Children’s Hospital, The Women’s Shelter, The Conner Foundation, and Pawmetto Lifeline.

You can find out more details about how we love and support our city on our community involvement page.

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