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Freeway PLAY

Freeway PLAY is our newest program offering “Mommy & Me” style music classes for newborns to age 5. All mommies, daddies, grandparents, & caregivers are welcome! This class is designed to help YOU interact musically with your little one. Through interactive music games and social activities, we will work to foster your little one’s musical aptitude and develop music learning readiness. Let’s have fun and make music together! 


Age Range:

Newborn to five years old


Tuesdays 11:00 AM | FEB 27th – MAY 21st


Blythewood Presbyterian Church

441 Rimer Pond Rd, 29016


Call or text us at:



officene@freewaymusic.net (payments)

katiel@freewaymusic.net (class questions)


(3) payments of $75/mo (MAR, APR, MAY)

or one-time payment of $225

Meet Your Instructor

Miss Katie Leitner is one of Freeway Music’s voice and piano instructors. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Education with a vocal performance certificate from the University of South Carolina. During her time at USC, she focused her efforts on early childhood development, gaining experience teaching music to children 5 years old and under. She is GIML level 1 certified and continues to seek out professional development opportunities to keep her skills sharp. In addition to classroom teaching at both the elementary and secondary levels, she has been teaching privately to children and adults for over 8 years.

Her resume is quite impressive, be sure to check out Katie’s bio page under “Staff.” Make sure to catch one of her upcoming performances with her band Say Femme, and on the theatre stage as a company member with Trustus.

Important Dates

FEBRUARY 1, 2024


Registration open!

FEBRUARY 26, 2024


Registration closed

FEBRUARY 27, 2024

11:00 AM @ BPC

First day of class

MAY 21, 2024

11:00 AM @ BPC

Last day of class

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Freeway Play?

Your child will experience music through fun, playful, and socially interactive music activities that include singing, chanting, and moving. We aspire to develop every aspect of your child’s musicality that will foster a lifetime of music enjoyment and appreciation.
The class is designed for young children from newborns to five-year-olds to be accompanied by a parent/guardian. We learn music much like we learn language. The first and most important thing is that a child absorbs a rich music vocabulary. Using a combination of Music Learning Theory (MLT), Orff, and Kodaly music learning methods, we strive to engage your child in a musical environment that will develop your child’s musical aptitude and foster musicianship skills necessary for any instrument.

What are the typical stages of response?

Looking response – actively listening
Movement response – may or may not seem coordinated with the music
Rhythm babble – approximations of rhythm patterns and chanting songs
Tonal babble – approximations of tonal patterns and songs.

Why should I participate in my child’s music classes?

Your participation is vital in setting up a safe and nurturing learning environment. Your child trusts you. If they see you having fun and participating, the likelihood of them feeling safe to do so increases tenfold. We also ask that you accompany your child so that our classes can remain focused on music learning and our teachers can have one-on-one time with each child.

Why should I not correct my child’s responses or participation?

♫ We do not look for or force any kind of participation at first but rather let the child be engaged in a musical environment and learn through play. It is important that we let the child explore music-making in their own way and in their own time.

What is flowing continuous movement?

♫ It is important to demonstrate free-flowing continuous movements in order to help them avoid rigidity. We want the music and movement to flow from the child freely. Remember, the most important thing about keeping a “steady beat” is understanding and feeling the space between the beats.

Is my child too young for music lessons? / Is my child talented?

Music development begins at birth (if not before). Every child is born with the potential for learning music. This program is designed to help foster that musical potential and develop music learning readiness.

What can we do at home to encourage progress?

Children learn best through imitation and play. If you engage in musical activities yourself and show your child that you can have fun with music no matter your skill level, your child will feel much more confident in their own music learning journey. Show your child that it’s ok to make mistakes. Art is messy!

Do you have COVID-19 guidelines in place?

Each child must be accompanied by only one adult.

Social distancing must be maintained throughout each class.

Child/adult participants should not attend class if either is experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or other signs of illness.

We ask that the adult participants wear their masks during the class so that the children and the teachers can safely remain unmasked.

Freeway Play

Caregivers should be with their little ones at all times

Masks are not required but please do not attend if you or your little one are experiencing symptoms

It’s ok if your little one is not actively participating at first.  We encourage that they do this in their own time.

Help your little one remember that we can have but that this is a learning environment.

This is a safe space – No judgement here! If your little one sees you having fun making music, they will feel safe to do so too!

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