Recitals & Showcases


Take what you’ve learned in your private music lessons, and perform in one of our showcases or recitals. Each Freeway Music student performs at least twice per year, but often more.

Real Life Setting

Lauren McDowell is a smiling guitar and vocal student. She is enjoying playing and singing in one of our Freeway Music student showcase in which we pair students together to perform in front of a crowd at Tin Roof.Perform in venues that are appropriate to the instrument and style that you are learning. All of our recitals and showcases are staged to create an experience similar to professional music performances.

Fun and Encouraging Vibe

Will Galan is one of Tony's drum students. He is having fun playing drums at a student showcase where he can play with other music students from our lesson studio.Have fun while you are playing music. Our showcases and recitals are certainly professional, but not too stuffy.

Personalized Experience

Miriam is one of our Skype guitar students. She takes lessons from Chicago. This is her playing acoustic guitar and singing at one of our acoustic recitals.Each music instructor chooses the venue and orchestrates the details, making each showcase or recital a unique experience. This direct involvement with each event creates a more personal and rewarding experience, for both the students and the instructors.