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Andrew Mullin

Andrew Mullin holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre from Belhaven University. His aim in earning this degree was to study acting, music and performance interdependently. Whether it’s playing in bands, singing in ensembles, taking on new acting roles, teaching, arranging, composing, or studying a new instrument, Andrew is constantly expanding his horizons. Andrew has loved playing guitar for 15 years, acting for 10, and singing for his whole life. An actor at heart, he is passionate about diving deep into music genres to see what makes them work and why people resonate with them.

Since graduating in 2019, he has continuously worked in the arts despite the pandemic. He worked in Philadelphia, PA at the Walnut Street Theatre during the 2019-2020 season, composed accompaniment for a musical, and is a core member of the Vienna Light Orchestra with whom he currently travels the US singing and playing guitar. He has worked with regional theatre, acting in roles and arranging music, and at First Presbyterian Church singing and writing music under Dr. Daniel Cole.

Andrew’s vision is to inspire the next generation of musicians to find passion and enjoyment for the discipline of music to enrich the culture of Columbia.

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