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Blake Hunter

Blake started playing snare drum and taking lessons when he was 10 years old in Huntington, WV. He began to love bands like AC/DC, KISS, and Led Zeppelin which inspired him to start playing drum set. He knew right away this was something he would do for the rest of his life. By age 14, Blake realized there wasn’t much potential for musicians where he was. He begged his parents to let him move in with his grandparents in Columbia, SC, in hopes that there was something more for him there.

He started lessons at Sims Music in 2011 and took lessons at Freeway Music Irmo during high school. Throughout, he played with local bands and began involving himself in the local music scene. During his college years at USC, he began studying guitar with Freeway Music owner, Don Russo, and started teaching guitar as well.

Currently, he is the drummer for the bands Homemade Haircuts and Rex Darling, playing shows and touring with both bands and building a fanbase across the southeast.

Blake is very thankful to have found his passion at such a young age and loves sharing it with others. Blake encourages everyone, no matter what age, to try and learn an instrument. Music can change your life in the best way possible!

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