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Charles Burrows

Charles started playing guitar at 14 when he began taking lessons at Freeway Music. Now teaching lessons of his own, Charles strives to create the same fun and engaging learning environment that his teachers crafted for him. His personal influences include Joe Bonamassa, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, and his teacher, Mike Atwater.


Charles believes that enjoying your instrument and the music you play are essential to musical growth. His teaching style is individually tailored to each student and is focused on the student’s love for music. Charles also believes that every student has the ability to attain all of their goals with hard work, patience, and direction, and he is dedicated to creatively balancing these fundamentals with games and other fun activities. He encourages his students to expand their musical knowledge outside the lesson room by listening to music whenever and wherever they can.


Charles is comfortable in rock, pop, country, blues, and is also versed in music theory.

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