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Gregory Vance

I recently moved to South Carolina from Nashville, TN and what an absolute pleasure it is to be here! I have traveled to 22 countries as a touring musician over the past 20 years of playing and have had some of the most unbelievable experiences of my life due to my passion for the drums. I began my journey, as most young musicians do, in the school band program. During my high school years, our marching band traveled to various competitions and the experiences and victories we sustained gave me the drive to keep that energy going into adulthood. I began starting bands in my teen years and played everything from indie rock to funk to heavy metal. My passion for creating music has been a healthy outlet for me to express myself and build strong relationships. My current passion project is my band Syr. I continue to travel all over to play festivals while also having the opportunity to dedicate time to my other passion, teaching. My dedication to drumming kept me out of a lot of trouble growing up because it gave my adolescent mind something to focus on and see measurable improvements in myself with, while building confidence along the way. To this day, music keeps me excited about life! I hope to pass on and inspire that level of focus to my students by keeping learning an absolute blast! I truly believe music is the great unifier. It crosses barriers and generations. It builds community and inspires us to be better!

I am currently teaching Monday through Thursday at Freeway Music Northeast in Blythewood, SC.

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