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Lady Imperio

Lady Abigail is currently a doctoral student in Piano Pedagogy at the University of South Carolina. She earned a Master’s degree in Piano Pedagogy from Andrews University in Michigan, and a Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance and Sacred Music from Adventist University of the Philippine in the Philippines.

As an educator, Lady has been teaching piano for almost 15 years. She has served as a Graduate Assistant Instructor for Music Appreciation at the University of South Carolina and piloted a special class in World Music this year. She also has a wide experience with teaching online, and taught students from US, Canada, China, and the Philippines. Her Master’s research focused on a combination of innovation, technology, and cultural diversity through online teaching.

Lady believes in maximizing the potential of each student and working with their strengths and personal goals. She emphasizes a comprehensive musical training for a well-rounded education through creative, fun, and engaging activities like improvisation and composition. She believes that music is a lifelong endeavor and that positive experiences fosters motivation.

Lady currently teaches piano on Mondays and Thursdays at Freeway Music Northeast.

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