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Niles Lewis

Niles Lewis is a blues based guitarist from Barnwell, SC, who has been playing guitar for 10 years. He began his music studies as a classical pianist, studying for 7 years before developing his interest in the guitar. Niles grew up listening to classic rock and blues icons. He fuses these different genres together, creating music that is simultaneously classic and fresh. He began taking lessons from Don Russo (founder of Freeway Music) and his playing soared to new heights. Don showed him what a tremendous impact that dedication and hard work can have on one’s playing. He also introduced Niles to a vast array of different styles of music.

Niles’s teaching style can be best described as always striving to have fun. He inspires his students, and maintains that momentum by presenting new concepts an intuitive manner. Niles will always communicate his love and passion for music to every student, and keep their lessons fresh and creative.

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