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Renee Laine

Renee has been playing the piano for over 20 years. She received a minor in music at Columbia International University and has played piano for a jazz ensemble and as a choral and vocal accompanist as well as at church. She enjoys musical collaboration and songwriting. playing new instruments and different musical styles, and helping others learn to play and become comfortable at the piano.

Guitar: Ages 5 and older learn CORE basics, meaning they learn chords and strum patterns based on their skill level.

Opportunities to perform with be available to all who wish to participate. (She also teaches guitar fingerpicking.)

Piano: Ages 5 and older will learn to read music, play scales, and then move to popular music suited to their style. Piano lessons are a wonderful way to introduce music learning into your child’s life.

Voice: Ages 8 and older begin with careful vocal warm-ups to stretch the vocal range, then move to solos suited for their voice. Voice lessons can help build confidence and improve public speaking.

My hope as a teacher is that every student will feel competent and accomplished with the progress they make towards their goals as a musician.

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