• Practice Makes… by Elizabeth Davis

    You just had a great lesson, and are packing up to leave your teacher’s studio when he/ she says those all-important, gut-wrenching words: “Practice a lot this week!” Good practicing habits are difficult to form, especially if you’ve heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect,” which is not true! Practice doesn’t make perfect- it makes permanent. […]

  • Completing the Circuit (by David J. Pacific)

    Completing the Circuit Every so often, a parent of a student will make a comment or ask a question that just sticks with you. For me, that happened as I was getting ready to write this post. I casually mentioned my topic of choice which, up until I spoke with this parent, was going to […]

  • “Beware of the Bark Side!” or Digital Pianos Transform Performance and Education (by David J. Pacific)

    Any musician at any level can consider a digital piano if they just treat it like what it is: a piano and more.

  • New Year’s Resolutions from a Pianist Part 2 (by Kate Huggins)

    Play with musicians who are better than you.

  • 10 Pointers to Performance Etiquette

    If you aren’t a rockstar touring with roadies, don’t act like it.

  • Learning from Failures and Mistakes – Part 1

    …throw yourself into the fire. It can inspire you to get better if you have the right attitude.

  • The Columbia Piano Project

    I was in the Vista to grab a bite to eat at Liberty just before heading over to see Bruno Mars play at the Colonial Center, when out of the corner of my eye I caught a piano on the sidewalk!

  • Maintaining Your Enthusiasm for Music Lessons

    A student signs up for lessons. They initially are fired up, they fizz out, and quit. How many times have you heard this story?

  • Effects Of Music On The Brain

    The moral of the story is this, if you enjoy music, play it, listen to it, whatever. No matter how well you do, no matter how advanced you are, the sheer activity that it produces in the brain will make you smarter, improve your self confidence, and increase your memory among other great things.

  • Approaches to Songwriting

    A lot of music students come in with the question of “How do I write a song?” So, I analyzed my own songwriting, and came up with three basic approaches to sparking the songwriting process.