• What can I do to help out in the local music scene?

    What can I do to help out in the local music scene? A friend on Facebook posted this status earlier this week and it got me thinking, what’s the best answer for this? So I responded by saying “Encourage people to create. Be present and supportive. Share the local music you really enjoy.”  That’s a […]

  • SceneSC Celebrates 9 Years in a Vacation State of Mind

    It’s hard to believe it’s already been 9 years. On July 1 SceneSC.com started into our 10th year of existence, and to celebrate we teamed up with one of our favorite coffee spots Indah Coffee to throw a birthday bash with Vacation State, Riot Stares, Alarm Drum, and Out of Body. There will be plenty […]

  • SceneSC 2017 Sampler Out Now

    2017 SceneSC Sampler by Scene SC Sampler Day is like Christmas at SceneSC. It’s a big day, the culmination of months of organizing and hard work from the bands involved who recorded a song exclusively for this compilation or finished one up in time for it to be included. I see this sampler release as […]

  • Review of Washed Out (David Stringer of SceneSC)

    On September 16, Washed Out return to Columbia, SC and the new Music Farm for the first time in years for a very special show.

  • Ed Roland and the Sweet Tea Project (by SceneSC)

    The Sweet Tea project gives Roland the freedom to explore new musical territory surrounded by other talented musicians from the Atlanta area.

  • Happy 6th Birthday SceneSC!

    The key to any music scene is embracing these relationships and to be involved as much as you can.