• Music Career Options Part 1

    Oftentimes when musicians decide they want to have a music career, they don’t realize the amount of options available. The purpose of this blog is to detail some viable career options for musicians aspiring towards a music career. Songwriting/Composition Songs: The typical track for writing is to create music and lyrics to form a song. […]

  • Songwriting Tips

    Always remember the importance of your art, make it a priority, and live a little.

  • Listening is Half the Battle

    The moral of the story is what you put in the pot directly affects what your end product is.

  • Being Creative With Measure and Time

    One of the things songwriters often overlook when writing a tune is being creative with time and measure.

  • Approaches to Songwriting

    A lot of music students come in with the question of “How do I write a song?” So, I analyzed my own songwriting, and came up with three basic approaches to sparking the songwriting process.