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5 Real Reasons To Study Music

Ever heard that studying music will make you smarter? It is not true.
The Mozart Effect Debunked

What is true about studying music with a qualified instructor is that you will learn how to do several things that will help you in other areas of your life. Here are five genuine benefits of studying music with one of the experienced instructors at Freeway Music.

1. The persistence and self-discipline required to improve on an instrument is not something that can be measured on a standardized test; however, these traits are priceless in determining how well a person can navigate the challenges that occur in the course of his/her life. Learning how to practice is the single most useful skill taught to any student. In no other area of learning is this fact truer than in music instruction. One meeting per week, followed by independent application of the skills shared during that weekly lesson develops both persistence and self-discipline.

2. Confidence is the by-product of consistent improvement. There is no more important factor in a person’s outlook than the confidence derived from learning music. One-on-one instruction affords the opportunity for a student to acquire new skills without any distractions that could hinder the learning process. Experienced, thoughtful instruction will guide a student through the challenges of learning new material and skills until the process becomes second nature to the student.

3. The response to failure associated with making mistakes and overcoming those mistakes instills and reinforces the priceless trait of having a good attitude. An attitude that takes failure as an opportunity to learn instead of a reason to be ashamed or embarrassed is necessary to improve musical skills. It is counterproductive to think of mistakes as anything other than either a need to reassess one’s approach or an inconsequential occurrence. Learning to differentiate between these two situations requires the objectivity that strengthens a general, good perspective on life.

4. Learning is a lifelong activity. The ability to study and practice an instrument, then perform in various settings encourages learning in other areas of life. This skill is a key component in developing a healthy outlook. The thirst to learn will ensure against complacency, boredom, and other counterproductive habits that can derail personal growth and maturation.

5. The influence of a private instructor is akin to that of any role model, mentor, or coach. These teachers not only impart skills to their students, but they also help them keep commitments to themselves. The effect that a teacher has on a student can be one of the most influential in that student’s life outside of his/her family. The benefit of studying with a qualified instructor that has a student’s best interest in mind is priceless, as the example set by the instructor will have both an immediate and lasting impact on that student’s life and worldview.

So, there are just five reasons that studying music is a good thing and not one of them implies that a student’s math scores will automatically improve…but they just might! Happy learning!

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