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How to Get and Maintain Inspiration

Genius is the fire that lights itself.”

Very few of us are geniuses. So, how do we keep ourselves motivated to not only learn new things, but also make it a habit? Here are a few ways to spark your enthusiasm for learning.


A book…a magazine article…a blog…it doesn’t matter. Just read something about your interests, i.e. suggestions for practicing, techniques that interest you, the life story of someone you admire. It can be just about anything as long as it offers some insight into what interests you. I find it especially inspiring to read insights from someone in your field of interest. “The Cycle of Self Empowerment” by Dom Famularo (Self Empowerment) and Kenny Werner’s “Effortless Mastery” (Effortless Mastery) are just two great examples of inspiring essays and reflections on how to achieve your potential.

Find a Guru

Ask around to get the popular opinion of everyone you know about who is the most qualified expert in your field. Then contact that person to see if you can study with them. Even a conversation can get you going in the right direction. A mentor/student relationship can be the most influential relationship in your life; this connection can be a great motivating tool, holding you accountable for honoring your commitment to excellence.

Create Projects to Complete

Nothing compares to the sense of satisfaction that comes after a project or task is completed. This feeling is a payoff in itself, but you also get the benefit of the outcome. The crucial part is to have projects lined up in advance, so that the feeling of contentment that follows completion doesn’t discourage your momentum. Here’s a great, two-part method: first, devise a project, i.e. learning a solo note-for-note, then announce your intention to complete this task to your friends and colleagues. This accountability will help motivate your action.

Even though we’re not all geniuses, we can use their example as inspiration to apply ourselves to exploring our potential more thoughtfully. Enjoy the challenge of becoming more of what you can be. It’s the most important “project” that you’ll work on in your life and no one else will do it for you!

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