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A Fall Full of Festivals

Spring through summer is typically considered music festival season. That’s based around some of the big ones like Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Governors Ball, Coachella, and a slew of others. But if you’re in Columbia, SC and love local music there are a ton of festivals for you, and some of them are even free.

On a smaller scale there’s Extra Chill Fest and Future Chord Fest. Extra Chill Fest is in its first year and takes place in Charleston at the Purple Buffalo. If you’re not familiar with Extra Chill, it’s an outlet out of Charleston with their finger on the pulse of the scene there. They cover everything, including taking photos at shows and plenty more. It only makes sense that they would host their own festival, and this year they’ve done that with an amazing lineup featuring tons of locals.

This year Future Chord Fest has moved from Greer to Greenville taking place at the Radio Room. Taking place August 10 and 11th, this years festival features native Columbia band Kid Trails who just released an excellent new album, along with favorites Daddy’s Beemer and Slow and Steady.

These two might not feature the festival atmosphere that you’d imagine, but the next three might be more what’s in mind when the word festival is tagged on.

Year after year Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh, NC is hands down one of our favorite big festivals. Last year’s lineup was absolutely stacked, and this years is not far behind. This year they have Miguel, The Flaming Lips, Moses Sumney, Nile Rodgers, Thundercat, and plenty more bigger named acts. But that’s not even where the festival excels. It’s the smaller bands, and the local acts that play a vital role in this festival each one putting on amazing performances year after year. Also, there are always day parties featuring tons of local acts, great food, often in a different atmosphere than your typical show.

Jam Room Music Festival is one that takes place in downtown Columbia, is free, and this year especially features a ton of great local acts. Starting at the top with Charleston band Susto, who has blown up over the last couple of years as headliner. I’m serious when I say, every single act on the lineup is worth seeing! I never really say that and mean it, but this time I do. I promise.

Next up, Fall for Greenville. This lineup announces Friday at noon, and this post will be updated to reflect. The lineup is outstanding this year. One of the best in recent history when it comes to featuring lots of great locals. Let’s just say, they did some Real Work on the lineup this year.

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