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Anytune Pro

We are constantly trying to improve our experience at Freeway Music. Anytune Pro has been an amazing tool for our instructors and students in private lessons. Here are some of our favorite features.

  1. Changing Tempo: AnyTune Pro allows you to input a song from your music library and slow it down or speed it up by increments of 1%. This is an amazing feature when a song’s tempo is too challenging. Students can measure their progress by gradually increasing the tempo 5% at a time.
  2. Changing Pitch: Once a song is imported, you can alter the pitch. You can click up or down on the # or flat button if you want to move by 1/2 steps, or you can go to as small as .01 movements as you dial in the perfect pitch for the song with which you are working. This is helpful a few ways. One, you can change a song that is pitched down (such as a guitar being tuned down 1/2 step) to make it easier to learn without retuning the instrument. Secondly, you can change the key of a song to fit a singer. Lastly, you can dial in a song that is slightly out of pitch. Some songs are a 1/4 step or even less out of tune due to capos and tape speeds, etc. **Once a song is altered by pitch or tempo, it can be exported that way for a student**
  3. Time Stamps: As you are going through the song, you can stamp each section with markers. You can use either section markers such as intro, verse, chorus, bridge, etc. Or, you can use number markers. That way the teacher and student can easily navigate through the song and reference points in the song that need practice. For example, the teacher can say, “practice Verse 2 at x tempo” or “work on marker 2.”
  4. Looping: You can select a beginning point “A” and an end point “B” to create a loop section. This way you can easily work on a part of a song or solo over and over again. The speed features come in very handy while using the looper. The placement of the points is super easy with the “A” and “B” buttons.
  5. Reframing: This is perhaps my favorite feature of Anytune Pro. You can draw a square or rectangle directly on to the sound spectrum to isolate a specific sound such as guitar left, bass guitar, voice, or a kick drum, etc. This is such an amazing tool if you are having a hard time hearing notes because all of the other instruments are getting in the way. You can also invert it to cancel out the instrument so that your student can play along with the track, effectively creating an accompanying track.
  6. Practice Tool: So, I mentioned earlier that you can change keys and tempos. Well, you can also set this to occur on each repeat such that the key or tempo changes each time. This is perfect if you want to work on slowly speeding up a lick each time through, or if you are trying to work on being able to play something in various keys, showing that you truly have it down regardless of the key.

These are just some of the features I love about Anytune Pro. There are definitely others, but these are the core uses for me. If you want to exercise your ears, work on transcribing, or need help transposing, this software is clutch. Make sure to check it out and thank me later! 🙂

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