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Archer Avenue Triple Release

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As summer quickly slides by, Archer Avenue Studio will showcase three projects the recording studio recorded earlier in the year with Yosef, Badweather, and Dead Swells all releasing new records. Rejectioneers, who only come out and play on special occasions, round out the four band bill.

Each of the three records showcase the studio’s diversity even though they’re all in the same indie rock realm, they’re pretty far from each other compared side by side. Now based out of Nashville, Yosef’s latest 10 song release shows a little bit of that Nashville twang, but not lot. It more comes through in the singer songwriter vibe. It’s easy to compare it to Ryan Adam’s most recent albums, but the comparisons don’t really end there. Hunter Duncan has long proven himself as a great songwriter, even from a young age in his grungier act Kill Anties. Those shows seem like ages ago, but Duncan has continued to grow as a songwriter and musician in the local spotlight. Through several bands, Duncan’s continued to write personal songs with bombast, and that’s what we have on his latest, most cohesive release to date. One thing that hasn’t changed from his early days is Duncan’s stage presence. It’s what drew fans in early on, with his live intensity that transfers to listeners and fans in the crowd.

Badweather open the stacked bill, releasing a four song EP, that’s an incredibly strong debut release. In the vein of new Manchester Orchestra, the EP thrives in its crisp guitar-work and vocals. As would be expected from frontman Grady Rogers, the EP is heavily guitar driven.

Dead Swells latest is still getting its final touches. We were lucky to film a Live at Papa Jazz session with them recently and can’t wait to hear their new record.

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