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Local Bands Find Big Plays on Spotify

Beach Tiger-1197

Sometimes I take Spotify for granted. Maybe it’s Google Music or Apple Music or even Youtube for you, but it’s all the same difference. Having close to any song at your fingertips, and only a click away from a listen is an incredible thing. It’s also changed the game of music discovery. As an artist, no longer are you cornered by radio stations into find an audience, now anyone from any part of the world can find your music. The problem now is a crowded market. And when I say crowded I mean super over crowded. But that’s alright! That’s why you follow your friends and websites to find new music. Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music get better everyday in find new music for you as well, tailoring playlists to your specific tastes. Several local artists have benefited from this.

In the last couple of weeks Beach Tiger’s latest single “Companion” and Grace Joyner’s latest single “Dreams” have found themselves on hot playlists on Spotify getting their music in the ears of people who would enjoy them the most. Both soared over 100,00 plays and onto their Viral charts that shows songs across the world that are getting a lot of plays. Charleston band Stop Light Observations has also enjoyed the help of music social networks, with their new single over 280,000 plays at the moment. Sure, it might not pay the bills, but now you have proof that people are listening, and sharing your music. Best of all, you don’t have to pay for it.

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