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March 26th Songwriter Round at The White Mule

March 26 at The White Mule 7

7 PM

Mike Mewborne/Jeremy Joseph/Jeff Gregory/Dave Britt

Something special’s started to happen at these songwriter rounds. During February’s the songwriters started to connect with each other on stage, sharing compliments and thoughts on each others songs listening intently as each person played. It offered a glimpse into the process of each songwriter, and offered them the opportunity to share the guts of what went into their writing process.

This is what Don Russo at Freeway Music had in mind when he started the songwriter round. A Bluebird Cafe in Nashville kind of idea that’s blossoming here in Columbia.

Next week’s songwriter round features Mike Mewborne of The Lovely Few, Jeremy Joseph of Daddy Lion, Jeff Gregory of The Runout, and Dave Britt from Ashes of Old Ways. Each songwriter comes from a different headspace when it comes to writing songs.

Stylistically different, Mewborne’s focused on cosmic songwriting for nearly the past decade, keeping his eyes towards the sky when it comes to his songwriting. Jeremy Joseph with his band Daddy Lion released a full length album last year titled Learn to Have Nothing and You Will Have Everything. It was the culmination of years of writing for Joseph and with the band, and these types of songwriter sessions give him the opportunity to offer more of a glimpse into that process and maybe try out a new song.

Last month Ben Walker, who will perform April 30th at this showcase, shared a video of Jeff Gregory covering Tom Petty. Petty is oft covered, but this one stood out both on Gregory’s part and Branhan Lowther. Gregory’s recently been in the studio at Archer Avenue working on the new album for The Runout, so this date lines up perfectly for some background into that.

With his band Ashes of Old Ways Dave Britt collaborates with songwriter Bobby Sutton. The band’s had a busy year so far playing shows across the state. For those who frequent The White Mule, Britt wears more hats than just a performer and songwriter, he also books for the venue.

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