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With the turn of the year brought a slew of new music from some of great South Carolina artists, so I decided to round them up and include some of them here today. I’ve had them all on separate tabs in my browser for days now, listening back and forth, so enjoy streaming them all in one place here today.

The Mobros
Your Feeling Is Mine by THE MOBROS

With their new single The Mobros took on an Otis Redding classic, doing what they do best and putting their signature whoozy bluesy touch on it. The verses seem to slowwwww down and then pick back up in an aural illusion. They’ve become more and more part of the SC music scene lately, mostly because of their Flower Couch Sessions and interviews which everyone needs to check out.

Exhumation by NUMBTONGUE

Sea Wolf Mutiny might have dissolved, but front Bobby Hatfield didn’t stop making music. He poured his heart and soul into this new project, which is much more experimental than his past band, creating an album that takes multiple listens to fully grasp.

MyBrother MySister
haze // thursday by MyBrother MySister
This EP for MyBrother MySister really just set the stage for their future releases and set a new tone for the band. Live, they found their sound a while ago, improving with each show, but this is the first time they’ve captured that on record.


SUSTO will break out onto the national level more than any South Carolina band recently. It’s just a matter of time. Today, their album streamed on the well respected and national music outlet Consequence of Sound. Next Friday their album hits store shelves and their tour with The Lumineers kicks off. After that we’ll all just be along for the ride.

The Artisinals
2016 SceneSC Sampler by Johnny Delaware

This song is a year old now, but here’s why it’s relevant. Until now it’s been sitting on the backburner, but weeks ago The Artisinals frontman Johnny Delaware bolted from Susto and went out on his own. The bands first shows? A short run opening for Band of Horses. Keep an eye and an ear out for this crew.

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