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New Human Resources Out Before Freeway Music Festival


When I saw Human Resources recently at New Brookland Tavern two things that were easiest to take from their set was that they’re excellent musicians and that they had an impressive live performance. With Marie Holder running the projector/lights it added an element most bands miss early on.

Based out of Charleston now, drummer Matt Zutell, who also runs Coast Records, is the only Charleston native in the band, with the rest of the band relatively new to town. The Holy City has many notable musicians over the years who have moved in and found life in the rising scene there. That’s no different for Human Resources who have been making a name for themselves with well crafted songs that stick in your head with ease.

Their bio mentions that the band is made up of both producers and session players which could put too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to writing songs, but the band feeds off each other’s creativity searching for new tones and technologies to create new music. They’re patient when it comes to songwriting, letting songs form slowly if needed over weeks, months or even years. It’s this slow burning process which works for them to create their art. HR expand out of the music realm to do all of their own videos, art work, and graphics that fall in line with the vibe of their music. Now the band looks to release new music, including the “Katy’s Bicycle” heard here.

The first single off the upcoming Pizza Dreams EP was recorded in Charleston with drummer Matt Zutell and produced by the band.

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