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New Music From Atlas Road Crew

Stream “My Own Way” Here

Five years ago Atlas Road Crew were cutting their musical teeth in Five Points. Another college bar band playing crowd pleasing sets mixed with well known covers and a handful of originals. Even then there was something different about the band. A live energy most bands never quite find. That “it” factor that bands either have or don’t.

A sign of a good band is when they don’t settle into a sound. When they always feel the need to grow, develop, and push their own talent while writing new music. For their new single “My Own Way” Atlas Road Crew teamed up with Carolinas songwriter Steven Fiore, who’s written with a long list of successful musicians over the years, as well as writing music on his own. If you haven’t listened, check out Fiore’s project Young Mister. “My Own Way” parts ways a little bit with Atlas Road Crew’s Southern rock roots, with a more sleek sound, closer to an upbeat Kings of Leon feel. “My Own Way” comes off with only one listen as an open road anthem, a late afternoon summer sing along song great for any mixtape.

Be on the lookout for more new music from Atlas Road Crew in 2017, as well as some Columbia shows surely on the horizon.

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