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New Music From Freeway Music Festival Aritsts

Just after their performances at Freeway Music Fest, festival artists Two Slices and Alarm Drum released new music, one in the way of a video and the other in the way of a new single released on bandcamp. Both are some of the best new songs released in South Carolina lately, on what’s been a pretty slow summer so far. Below we’ll look into each song.

Two Slices

Two Slices looks to release their album later this year and to build hype on the new sound of former Octopus Jones frontman Danny Martin, they’ve released a video for their song “Slow Poison”. The song features Martin’s autotuned vocals in a sultry way before releasing into the beat and a one shot video that focuses mostly on Martin’s dance moves.

Alarm Drum

Alarm Drum’s new song “Whisper” is timeless in a modern sense. It’s dreamy ambience could have just as easily come out in the mid 80’s, 90’s, or 2000’s. Alarm Drum continue to come into their own, with each new song showing continued growth and innovation for a band still coming into their sound. It’s obvious that the core three members have a special chemistry with the ability to create for years to come.

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