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New Music: The Restoration Release West

Photo by Kati Baldwin
Photo by Kati Baldwin

Listen to The Restorations New Album West out October 25

In May Daniel Machado, frontman of The Restoration, performed out our Freeway Music/SceneSC songwriters in the round at The White Mule performing four new songs from their upcoming album. On Friday, October 25 their new album West, comes out.

The Restoration is known for concept albums and their new record is no exception. With West Machado comes to terms with his father’s upbringing. The album offers several different character perspectives. The first song released “I’ve Got So Much to Give” comes from Machado’s Grandmother Ruby’s perspective featuring guest vocals from Alexa Woodward. Machado writes from a perspective yearning to understand his relatives, and these characters working to place himself in their mindset of the times and situations they lived.

In the title track he looks the lens of his grandfather Joe.

“The gist of it is Joe had found a military school all the way out in New Mexico, and he took the kids on this road trip,” says Machado, whose new stories focus on his grandfather Joe and grandmother Ruby. “My father figured out when they got there that ‘holy shit, I don’t think the two of us are coming back with this guy.’ They pitched a fit and ended up being brought back home.”

The profiles blossom through the album through challenging situations that Machado takes on head-on. As remarkable as the album is lyrically, West is equally impressive musically. For this album, The Restoration worked with an array of talented musicians, featuring a cast of cameos from The Mobros, Time Eriksen, and Alexa Woodward.

While their last albums were uniquely Southern in their roots, West flows with veins of American themes and tells a story that’s both one of a kind, and somewhat a common theme in 1900’s America.

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