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Richland Library Huge Asset to Artists and Musicians


Last week Richland Library opened the second floor with a concert featuring local and regional bands Grace Joyner, Alarm Drum, and Beach Tiger. While the renovation of the library’s main branch is still underway, the second floor is filled with resources that local artists should take full advantage of. Part of a $3 million remodel, the second floor features a virtual networking center, spaces for community meet-ups, a recording studio filled with state-of-the-art equipment, and a wifi bar. On full display at the opening was the green screen room.


There are so many ways local musicians can use the resources available for free here. Whether it be recording music, recording a podcast, using the video equipment to film a video of your own, or using their editing lab filled with all new computers to put it all together, the possibilities are seeming endless. This could be the biggest artist resource our community has to offer if we all embrace it.


Of course, most people don’t know how to use most of this equipment. Lucky for us, they offer plenty classes to learn how to use it all. You could go full circle, film, edit, and screen your video in their new theatre. In addition to the multimedia opportunities, they also offer more hands on workshop spaces like woodworking and fabric arts.

The overall space is beautiful, so next time your downtown be sure to drop in and check everything out. It’s free!

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