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Shovels and Rope Announce Inaugural High Water Festival


We knew there was something in the works. A new Instagram account with a short teaser video popped up last week connected to the popular Charleston Americana duo Shovels and Rope, along with rumblings from Jump, Little Children. There were rumors of a Shovels and Rope curated music festival which was exciting, but when they announced the lineup this morning it went far beyond my wildest expectations.

From top to bottom the lineup is filled with amazing acts, hand picked by South Carolina’s own, so obviously there’s plenty of local talent. Last year Jump, Little Children played a run of reunion shows, each of which sold out so quickly they ended up having to add more. In 2017 they’ll get the band back together a couple of more times for this show and a couple more. Also included on this lineup is Slow Runner—who we awarded top album in 2015 on SceneSC — Indianola, the new band from Owen Beverly who also has deep SC ties, and Shrimp Records Family Band. Shrimp Records Family Band features members of Shovels and Rope, Slow Runner, Mechanical River, Indianola, and just about everyone else who grew up in the same scene as Shovels and Rope. With bands like The Shins, The Avett Brothers, Lucius, and Dawes this festival goes beyond any other local festival and will firmly plant itself in the running with other major festivals across the country.

Hopefully they’ll handpick lineups like this for years to come, because it doesn’t get much better than this.

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