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Songwriter’s Night Shows Local Talent

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No lie, Cayla Fralick told me she had a dream about playing in The White Mule on Main Street and she woke up to an email inviting her to play this show at the new White Mule location in 5 Points. This songwriter’s showcase includes four female acts who grew up, and are growing up in the Columbia music scene and all are supremely talented. 

Hannah Miller moved to Madison, TN a few years back after being based here for years. Since making the move more and more of her songs have found their way into a commercial market, on TV shows such as This is Us and Sons of Anarchy. In March she released her third full length album. 

Cayla Fralick and Emily McCollum came up in the music scene here together and have had similar paths, bouncing between being a solo artist and performing with their bands. Though Fralick’s band Kemp Ridley has broken up, she’s moved forward as a songwriter and is now starting to perform more often. For McCollum Stagbriar has teased coming back from hiatus, the band she coleads with her brother and local musician Alex McCollum. 

Sophia Lynch presents the next wave of local songwriter on this bill which presents three waves of the local music scene. Lynch’s talent is obvious and she already has a commanding control of the stage. She’s still building her songwriting catalogue which will grow and grow, and will only be helped by surrounding herself with musicians and songwriter’s performing on this night. 

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