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Collin Danker

Hello!  I am from Columbia, SC and started playing drums at the young age of 8 years old.  I began with private lessons on the drum set which continued throughout high school, while adding symphonic and marching band to the mix.  After graduation, I regularly played with various groups (most notably The Casual Kings and Nick Clyburn Band) at festivals and venues throughout South Carolina and southeast.  This real world experience is one of the biggest factors in how I approach teaching.

Paired with playing experience, my teaching style also pulls from a variety of method books and techniques I’ve learned during my time as a student of Matthew Jones, Tony Lee, Jay Ware, Clyde Frasier, and Dom Famularo(to name a few).  It is my belief that a drummer who’s open to playing outside of their comfort zone, regularly practices, and is equipped with the necessary tools, can be very successful.

A drummer and musician is what I’ve wanted to be since I took that first lesson all those years ago.  Decades later, nothing is more gratifying than seeing a student who I’ve molded and nurtured, take on a challenge and succeed.  The moments when “it” clicks, the light bulb turns on, and the culmination all the lessons, practice, and hard work payoff on stage, are truly amazing.

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