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Collin Danker

Collin is from Columbia and began playing drums at an early age. He started with private lessons on the drum set in the 4th grade, which continued throughout his time in school.  His experience in concert and marching band, as well as Honor Band and Solo & Ensemble, laid the groundwork for being the musician he is today.  After graduation, Collin played with a variety of local bands, covering genres from funk and blues to jazz and rock.

Most recently, he spent two years with fellow Freeway Music instructor, Mike Atwater, in The Casual Kings, playing clubs, festivals and most notably, the Township Auditorium.  Over the years, Collin has become a well rounded drummer by taking pages from many different influences, including Carter Beauford, Chad Sexton, John Bonham, Tony Royster, Jr., Max Weinberg, and many others.  Nowadays, he approaches drumming with a strong emphasis on rudiments and groove, and teaches his students how to be a solid backbone in their bands.