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John Branham

I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Music from Bob Jones University in May of 2020. Growing up in a musical family here in South Carolina, I learned to read and sing music from an early age. I started playing violin at thirteen before switching later to viola.

I aim to teach active and engaging lessons that center on what my students want to learn while providing the best instruction that my skills and abilities can give. My philosophy is that students will learn what they love. I strive to train my students to be independent and thoughtful musicians, capable of exploring the limitless expanse of sound that music offers. Making music fun is not merely good enough for me. Making music meaningful to my students drives me to find the best assignments and the most relevant and engaging ways of explaining complex concepts while showing them the power this art form truly has to communicate to us as human beings.

When I am not playing or composing music, I use my free time to draw, paint, or even write short stories. I am an avid art lover and peruse it almost as passionately as I study music. I enjoy talking with people and meeting new friends. I especially love to participate in group projects that involve creating a story or game idea. I am also a bookworm and finish the day with a good novel and a steaming mug of tea.

Performance Experience:

Over ten years experience in performing publically and privately, solo and with accompaniment and small ensembles. College performance solo and in various ensembles, including college symphony orchestra, string orchestra, string quintet, string quartet, and various other ensembles

Teaching Experience:

Some previous private studio teaching with college internship and some practicum.

Teaching Philosophy:

To get my students to be independent and competent musicians in whatever musical genre they prefer.

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