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Paisley Suttlemyre

Paisley has been singing since she could talk, studying voice for 13 years, performing as a solo artist since the age of 12, and has even racked up some awards along the way.

Starting with school and church choirs, then moving onto audition-only arts programs, she has acquired many years of choral singing experience. In addition to this, she has studied voice privately with gospel and operatic voice instructors for 5 years.

At the age of 12, she won awards for “Best Soprano 1” and “Most Outstanding Vocalist” at the Tri-District Arts Consortium camp in Columbia. This was also the year Paisley recorded her first original album, and she has been touring on her original tunes since then. She has shared the stage with many regional and national acts, such as Lera Lynn, Chris Knight, Claire Lynch, and several others. She accompanies herself, as well as her students, on the multiple instruments she plays, including: piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, bass, and dulcimer.

Paisley studied voice at Columbia College for one year on a full music scholarship, and is currently in the process of building her musical resume by performing with different groups, performing solo, recording, touring, and teaching as many students as she can! Paisley also spends a portion of her time volunteering with the nonprofit organization, Girls Rock Columbia, as an instrument instructor and camp organizer.

Paisley’s passion lies not only in music, but in teaching students the things she wished someone could have taught her. There are so many aspects to music that are not technical, but rather emotional; She finds a balance between helping her students maintain good vocal health (now and in the future!), teaching music theory, as well as helping them perform their selections to the best of their abilities- with FEELING!


“If we all had the confidence, drive and clear vision that Paisley Marie has for her music, we’d all be uber successful. Keep your eye and ear on this girl. It’s only a matter of time before she’s the next big thing.”

Lera Lynn – HBO’s True Detective

“Paisley’s passion and maturity at such a young age is inspiring and exciting. She possesses a self-awareness and strength of character that put her head and shoulders above other young talents. She is the whole package–a young energetic star with tons of talent that is ready to work.”

Leticia Wolf – The Dead Deads, Tishimon Records

“Paisley Marie shows talent and personality beyond her years. Watch out Taylor Swift. Paisley’s live performance is amazing. She really knows how to work a crowd. She has a big future ahead of her.”

Kassie Miller – Nashville Recording Artist

“Incredible! She is freakin’ awesome! Man I got goosebumps watching the ‘Journey’ song… Amazing. Just amazing.”

Nick Perri – Guitarist of Shinedown, Silvertide, Mount Holly, and Sinai

“It was the best kind of surprise when Paisley Marie began to sing. Incredible power and poise at such a young age.”

Coles Whalen – Recording Artist





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