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Susto Stories Tour at The White Mule

In 2018 Charleston Americana band Susto continued to rise in popularity, touring the nation on their sophomore full length album & I’m Fine Today. The band also spent the second half of the year partially focusing on recording their next album, split between studios in Charleston and Asheville, NC. In the meantime they released a live album titled “Stories” that is the VH1 Storytellers version of albums. The close of the year brings a lot of change for the band, along with a tour for that live album. 

The Stories Tour stops into Columbia, SC at The White Mule next Wednesday night, where Justin Osborne will be accompanied by the bands new keyboard player Jordan Igoe. The timing is perfect, as Susto will be releasing the new single from their next album Friday, December 7th, and comes just weeks after the band announced a new record deal with Rounder Records. With all those things on the horizon, it makes this a must see show for an artists that plays solo shows like this less and less, and also in an intimate environment where you can hear the story behind the songs. 

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