• Songwriting Tips

    Always remember the importance of your art, make it a priority, and live a little.

  • 5 Benefits of Learning Tunes

    If you are practicing the same stuff everyday, it may be time to add something new and stretch yourself in a new direction.

  • Listening is Half the Battle

    The moral of the story is what you put in the pot directly affects what your end product is.

  • Being Creative With Measure and Time

    One of the things songwriters often overlook when writing a tune is being creative with time and measure.

  • Rhythm Guitar – Part 4

    When playing rhythm guitar by yourself, it really makes your playing groovy by you accenting two and four, and simulating that “snare effect”

  • Rhythm Guitar – Part 2

    Don’t settle for just strumming like everyone else.

  • 5 Benefits of Music Lessons

    …A study of 7,500 university students revealed that music majors scored the highest reading\r\nscores among all majors including English, biology, chemistry and math…