• 10 Pointers to Performance Etiquette

    If you aren’t a rockstar touring with roadies, don’t act like it.

  • Approaches to Songwriting

    A lot of music students come in with the question of “How do I write a song?” So, I analyzed my own songwriting, and came up with three basic approaches to sparking the songwriting process.

  • How To Solo (Part 2)

    Now, we are going to dive into three basic approaches to soloing. This is a lesson I learned from my good friend Jim Mings. I’ll never forget when he told me, “There are three basic ways to solo: scales, melodies, and chords.”

  • How to Solo (Part 1)

    Perhaps one of the hardest things to teach in music lessons is how to solo. Students are down right frightened of soloing and improvising at times. One of the reasons it is so hard to teach is that there are so many factors. So I have decided to split this blog into a series. Let’s begin with the basics.

  • Coming To Your Lesson Prepared

    It is extremely important to come to your music lessons prepared. But whyyy, you ask, dreading the scolding that typically comes from teachers or bosses. Fear not! Below are some reasons/helpful suggestions that will make your lesson experience even MORE fun.

  • Buying Your First Acoustic Guitar

    If you get any solid wood at all, get it on the top. The top of the guitar is the most important for the sound. Solid tops sound better, and they will continue to sound better with age.