• 7 Tips for Good Sound Check Etiquette

    This is the sound guy’s realm, and like it or not, you sound is in his hands for the evening.

  • 5 Dos and 3 Don’ts of Loop Pedals

    The pedal should be an extension of your playing. Try to maintain that “live” feel…

  • Getting Over Stage Fright

    If you want to get over stage fright, play on the stage more.

  • Benefits of Making a Recording

    (Recording is) the equivalent to a height chart for your musical growth.

  • How to Solo (Part 4)

    Space is an often overlooked principle of music. The power of silence and patience is a virtue that all musicians need.

  • How To Solo (Part 2)

    Now, we are going to dive into three basic approaches to soloing. This is a lesson I learned from my good friend Jim Mings. I’ll never forget when he told me, “There are three basic ways to solo: scales, melodies, and chords.”

  • How To Develop A Positive Practice Cycle

    Stay sharp, stay focused, and take advantage of those small moments. They may be the only thing standing in the way of your becoming the musician you want to be.

  • Buying Your First Acoustic Guitar

    If you get any solid wood at all, get it on the top. The top of the guitar is the most important for the sound. Solid tops sound better, and they will continue to sound better with age.