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Tape Waves Release Shimmering Here to Fade Album

Tape Waves photo by Jess Spence

Charleston duo Tape Waves in many ways represent the modern day band. Formed by chance in Charleston in 2013, they’ve found international success for their dreamy pop songs without leaving Charleston for the most part. Now their name has taken off a little more locally, but for a while it seemed most of their fans were scattered across the world. That’s thanks in part to the internet of course, and to their record label Bleeding Gold Records, who themselves are West Coast based.

On their sophomore LP Here to Fade Tape Waves continue to find comfort in their sound, hushed vocals that melt in the cracks of fluent guitar lines and drums. The whole album stays this way, with woozy keyboard parts and picked guitar lines just as relaxed as a day at the beach, they’ve found a niche where they excel. Their music, and the new album especially has the ability to take you to a different place, with the hushed whispered vocals making you feel totally relaxed. It’s a goal of all different types of music to make you feel something, whether that be aggression, or sadness, nostalgia, or anticipation, Tape Waves are able to put you at ease, only making you feel more when you listen closely to the songs and start to comprehend the lyrics.

Tape Waves play a free & all ages show Saturday, August 6th at The Vinyl Countdown in Charleston. They’ll have their new album for sale, which is out now on all digital outlets and is available on CD and vinyl.

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