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The High Divers Visit New Brookland Tavern

High Divers

New Brookland Tavern
THU, 01/14/2016 – 7:30PM

The High Divers
Human Resources
Youth Model

There are a couple of routes you can take when it comes to being in a band. You can burn through your twenties having fun, playing with your friends, and take it semi seriously and have a blast doing it. Or you can do it casually, have fun, play some shows and record some music. Or in The High Divers case you can uproot from your hometown, move to a more fertile music scene, and well…dive right in. That’s just what The High Divers have done since leaving their hometown of Hilton Head and heading up the coast to Charleston.

Since moving to Charleston they’ve garnered the support of local media and many local musicians, cut an album, signed to a small label, and done a full independently funded national tour last fall. Still, to make it these days you’ve really got to catch a wave, and that can take time, but The High Divers are off to a great start. With the release of their debut album Riverlust, they’ve found their way onto several top 10 lists from publications all over. The credit is much due. Their sound isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but instead they do what they do and do it really well, writing bluesy guitar driven Americana with hooks that have you singing along after the first time you hear the chorus.

Next week they play New Brookland Tavern with three solid group joining them in Youngster, Human Resources, and Youth Model. Note the relevance, all four bands on the bill released an album or EP in the last year, and all of those were really solid releases worth checking out. Maybe even pick one up at the show.

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