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The White Mule is Back!

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Live music is coming back to 5 Points in a real way Thursday night, as The White Mule reopens after closing their location on Main Street years ago. Opening on the 1500 block in the former Speakeasy location, the venue and everything that goes along with it will change the landscape of the music scene in Columbia for years to come. 

Look at this as a soft opening for the venue, which is hustling to get ready for opening night. Everything is happening fast. The venue, which looks to hold about 150 people might look totally different over the next year than it does on Thursday night when Mark Bryan is set to perform and open up the venue. With future plans for a kitchen, food truck, and outdoor area, the venue will eventually be something unique for the area and one of the best places to watch live music in Columbia. 

In addition to The White Mule, two doors down in what used to be Bohemian Clothing will be a music industry incubator that will house like minded individuals and be a one stop shop for any of your music industry needs. 

It might be hard to imagine. Really, it’s an unbelievable things that’s happening and coming to fruition. That’s why you’ll have to come out Thursday night, check out the incubator, walk through The White Mule and check it out and then watch the performance from Mark Bryan. 


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