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Top 5 Songs About Gratitude


Thanksgiving is a time for thanks… giving. What better time is there to reflect on the best songs on the topic of giving thanks, (that we are, in return, very thankful for!), than this? Here is our list of the top five best songs about gratitude. You better be grateful!

5. A Moment Like This – Kelly Clarkson

While this is off of an album called “Thankful”, and there is another track on this album literally called Thankful, this is the song chosen to kick this list off because of how well it describes a certain feeling. The feeling of gratitude one feels during a first kiss, and finding real love in this world, is exceptionally brought about in this song, with its explosive, emotional chorus. It is a triumphant and beautifully sung song from someone who seems truly appreciative of her success, love, and fortune.

4. Family Business – Kanye West

From Kanye West’s debut album, College Dropout, this song perfectly exemplifies familial love. At various points throughout the song, Kanye reflects on the pride he has in his family, their support, and their love, (even when they bring up embarrassing stories about his youth). This is a bonafide Thanksgiving track, and I challenge anyone to keep their toe from tapping if you put this on while the turkey’s still in the oven.

3. You’re My Best Friend – Queen

“Ooh, You Make Me Live!” – What a brilliant shout out to besties! There may never be such a good tribute to one’s best friend than this track by Queen, released in ‘76. With lyrics reflecting on how much this friend is there for you when things are bad, that they are the sunshine of your life, and how long the friendship has lasted–it’s enough to make anyone get a little misty-eyed when thinking of that friend in their life. 

Gratitude – Earth Wind and Fire

Earth, Wind, and Fire are a classic example of pure positivity in music. Nearly all of their songs send happiness directly into the heart of the listener. This song sends thankfulness and love to the heavens above–speaking on the gratitude they feel to the great beyond, their religion and faith being a focus of this thankfulness. It certainly features a groove so divine, you question its earthly origin!

Thank You For Being A Friend

How could we forget this classic? Forever immortalized as the theme song to the octogenarian hit sitcom, Golden Girls, this song is cheery, sweet, and traces a friendship from young partying days into the great cosmic beyond. Humorously, it mentions the trials of getting older, “And when we both get older / With walking canes and hair of gray / Have no fear even though it’s hard to hear / I will stand here close and say / Thank you for being a friend” However, the most touching line is towards the end, where the gratitude even extends beyond the grave! 

And when we die and float away
Into the night the Milky Way
You’ll hear me call as we ascend
I’ll say your name then once again
Thank you for being a
Thank you for being a friend

What a touching tribute to friendship, gratitude, and everything that this holiday is about. Make no mistake, we are thankful for these great musicians!

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