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Top 5 Songs to Listen to With Your Valentine

Love is in the air this Valentine’s day, and with love comes the need to express it. What better way to tell someone you like them than with a boombox, standing under their window while blasting Taylor Swift? If you’re in a romantic mood or just want some sweet tunes to sing along to while indulging in some self love, here’s five love songs to celebrate with. 

Lovesong is just that—a love song. This Cure classic is perfect for any relationship in any stage, new or old, flimsy or solid. With yearning synth and guitar riffs that pluck right at your heartstrings, this song tells a timeless tale of a love that comforts and makes you whole. It’s reminiscent of a blossoming romance, where the glow of a honeymoon phase is still bright and effervescent, while also keeping that soft pulse of an older love between two people who’ve lived their best years together and are prepared to live the rest of them in the same way. 

Like or Like Like by Miniature Tigers is a preppy, hyper song about shy, young love. It’s easy to sing along to, easier to jam out to. The drums are quick and light, mimicking the rapid heartbeat of a nervous teen, trying to confess to their crush before falling into a casual, softer beat in the chorus that shows the confidence of the singer as they try to figure out if the person they like returns those feelings. The guitar is funky, warbled and experimental in some parts, other times simple enough to blend easily with the drums. 

Glass Animals took the music charts by storm in the past few years. Their hit Heat Waves no doubt crossed your radio waves at one point or another, and for good reason. Though a bit more melancholic, this song heavily leans into the electronic aspect of electronic rock, perfectly embodying the feeling of late summer nights, when you’re lost in the feelings you try to avoid. It has warm lyrics, a vividly powerful synth that carries the song, hypnotic beat drop at the end of the bridge that will make you ascend with every time you hit repeat. 

If you’re a fan of modern retellings in song form, Love Story by Taylor Swift is just the song for you. Whether you prefer Taylor’s Version or the original, the sweet thread of acoustic guitar against the soft chimes will immediately sweep you off your feet. It tells a happier story of Romeo and Juliet, one where at the end, they end up happily together. Taylor’s Version also includes uplifting violins in the background that elevates this song from a country bop to a romantic ballad. A great ending to a great story, retold in a beautiful way.

Another classic you can’t go wrong with, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli is the epitome of a love song. Sultry vocals, smooth horns, and an explosive romantic chorus with an iconic rhythm that’ll worm its way into your mind for years to come. This song carries an air of nostalgia few songs from this same era of music can carry, even decades after its release. It’s a beautiful tribute to love, and infectious in the way it makes you want to grab the hands of the person you love and dance into the night. 

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