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Tune into The Fringe

The Fringe

Tune into The Fringe

It’s a new world for the young professionals who want to be involved in the music industry. Best advice is to do it yourself. If you want it, create it.

Kalyn Oyer not only writes for Scene SC, she also writes for a handful of publications both national and local including Charleston City Paper. As if working a full-time job and writing for all those publications wasn’t enough, she also teamed up with DJ Edwards to start a new and very ambitious podcast.

For those trying to keep up with new music of all genres The Fringe is for you. Based out of Charleston, The Fringe is an hour long podcast focused on new music. Like, brand spanking new music that came out in the past seven days. And it’s not just one genre, they span it all dividing the podcast up into cohesive sets to keep your mind flowing right. On the podcast they play not only a variety of genres, but all levels of bands from high level pop and rap, to local grunge and metal. They really cover it all.

In this fast paced internet age we live it’s harder than ever to keep up with new music, so to have a resource like this, with zero ties to labels or insider industry people, you know you’ll be getting the real thing. Just good new music, and not new tunes paid for by a record label or publicity agency. They’ll be delivering the new podcast weekly, so be sure to subscribe.


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