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Play with a Group

There is something truly irreplaceable about performing in a group. Whether that is a musical goal of yours or whether you are using it to grow as an artist, there is a lot to be learned from this experience.


Teamwork is a necessary tool to succeed in school, the workplace, and as a musician (solo or band). It’s one thing to work on a part and play it alone at home, but it’s much different when you have to learn to play it in conjunction with other players. Playing in a group forces you to work together to decide who plays a certain part and when. You also have to match your volume, work on being tight, begin and end at the same time, and basically support one another within the music. It can be a very humbling experience. “When a team works well together as a unit they are able to accomplish more than its individual members can do alone.” Boundless


The Casual Kings, Charming Hala, and The Reggie Sullivan Band are bands that Freeway Music instructors play in. These bands have forged lifelong friendships for our instructors. This principle is true across the board with any team building activity. If you rehearse with the same people every week, you can’t help but forge friendships. The best part is that you are developing relationships with people that have similar interests and goals.


It’s really great to take lessons, but it’s also very important to apply what you are learning. Joining a group always takes your playing to the next level. Each week, you have to come to the group prepared to play. If you know that people are working on their parts and they are depending on you to do the same, it will give you a high level of accountability. Then, the time you have in your lesson will be more valuable to you and your practice time will be more valuable as well!

Being part of a group will help you develop team work, forge lifelong friendships, and give you the accountability that all musicians need. Join a group as soon as you can and enjoy the benefits that will surely come!

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